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Chris Schwarz is a German director for commercials, music videos & documentaries, based in Berlin.

Starting out as a filmmaker & photographer in the Berlin world of commercials & music festivals, in early 2017 Chris started joining many big German artists on their concert tours such as Marteria, Casper, Die Toten Hosen & SEEED, being responsible for the visual style of moving & still content.

Many productions of music videos, commercials, documentaries & even livestreams followed for clients such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-AMG, eBay, LIDL, Havana Club and many more.

Today Chris is present as a director with focus on automotive content.

Christopher Schwarz was born in 1997 into a family of musicians and grew up in Strasbourg in France and Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

Skateboarding sparked his interest in filming in his early youth.

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